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Office Tools

Over the years, we created several 'tailor made' programs to fulfill very specific business needs for our clients. For instance, we created:

  • A Ship Weight Estimate sofware

  • A Ship Resistance Prediction sofware

  • A Ship Parametrical Studies sotware

  • A Custom Business Analytics sofware

  • Pieces of a custom Document Manager software

  • ... 


These programs are up and running and used every day. We also maintain and update the programs on a regular basis and support our customers with a delay of response as short as possible. Most of the time, in our working ours, we managed to answer within minutes to give you a trustable  and available support you can rely on


We are committed to develop and deliver programs as user friendly as possible keeping always in the back of our mind the respect of the specifications and your requirements in term of navigation within the program and visual final aspect seen by users.    

Very often, the data your business need are coming from different heterogeneous sources. That is why we are used to:

  • Collect these data from their sources (API, databases, XML files, JSON or even  specific non public owner formats (with their permission of course!)

  • We then develop solutions to allow your teams to manipulate these data, we      create views, dashboards, charts and outputs towards third parties sofware (like Excel or other). We are also used to desin and code specific reports that suit your business needs.

If you have one of these needs, we certainly have the possibility of developing an efficient and economical solution to meet it!

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