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We have a passion for the maritime environment in general and strong skills in Ship Design.

We have already worked on several projects in this area and we will be pleased to work on your next project!


You have a rare and exciting business? You are used to teamwork with a package of different programs and spreadsheets but from time to time, you are struggling with versioning and checking that all your team is really using the last version of a given spreadsheet? 


This may cause some troubles to your business and you do not find an existing solution readily available on the market?  

Why not creating your own specific program with us? We love to code the program that exactly suits your needs and because your team members are creative and know their jobs on the tip of your fingers, our solution can be linked to spreadsheets or other tools to let them express all their creativity but with a better usage supervising.

We are eager to learn and curious!

We like solving issues or trying to find the best solutions to simplify the life of your teams so that they can concentrate on what is really valuable for them and your business. That is why we are keen to work on solutions to automate your redundant tasks or complex tasks prone to human errors. 

Whatever your business is, there is a good chance we have already encoutered similar problems and coded solutions for them. We therefore surely have an efficient and cost effective solution for you so please do not hesitate to contact us

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