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Our Expertise

01. Create 'Tailor Made' Sotfware/Web App 

From the specifications to the realease of the first official version and its corresponding installer, we are on your side at each steps and we code your needs. 

02. Maintaining and updating your programs

Your business has to be adaptable and evolve all the time. Our solutions are amendable and the realease of updated version can quickly be accessible to your teams.

03. Reporting

Performing operations on your data is important but being able to extract them usuing different layouts and presentations respecting your business standards is paramount too!

We have the experience to integrate to your solution the reporting outputs you really need with ease.

04. Communication et integration

We can implment complex reporting outputs as Excel spreadsheets with an automatic colourful layout in order to achieve a smooth data flow between our programs and others programs or final users. It also allows an easy integration of our programs within your teams workflows.

We can also create Microsoft Office Add-Ins in order to 'fluidize" even more the communication between your different programs.

05. Analyse de données Géo Référencées

You may already have data from sensors that are fixed to the ground or moving with an object and you would like to get the most out of those data (Geo Time Series: Data with a time and location/elevation reference)

With the Warp10 by SenX, we are able to develop powerful analytical solutions for this type of data.

06. R&D et Architecture Navale

At NavArchSoft we have a passion about Naval Architecture and it is also one of our two jobs. 

We are eligible to the French 'Credit Impôt Recherche' and we can be on your side with both your concrete and R&D projects. 

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